CMC Podcast - Debate on Regulation - It's Time to Regulate

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  • Song Name: It's Time To Regulate
  • Artist: Amanda Bucklow, Alan Langleben & Paul Randolph
  • Album: Civil Mediation Council Events Podcasts
  • Year: 2012

Regulating mediators is an international conversation which is characterised by strong views both for and against. The conversation is very active in the UK with the CMC about to engage in consultation about the 'if', 'when' 'how' and 'who' in the first quarter of 2013.

Questions addressed by the speakers in this podcast include "Is a profession really a profession unless it is regulated?", "Will regulation increase confidence in mediation?", "Will regulation increase the use of mediation?", "Is the demand for regulation more about marketing for the mediators and less about what users actually need?" and more...

For the motion: Alan Langleben, mediator
Against the motion: Amanda Bucklow, mediator
Chair: Paul Randolph, CMC Academic Committee

NB: The views expressed in the debate are those of the speakers and not the views of the CMC Board.